Top 3 most downloaded social network apps

Social networks have become essential apps with smart phone users with a lot of benefits in communicating with friends and family, calling and texting without any extra fee. There are many social network apps but not all of them are good and popular. The article “Top 3 popular social network apps” will shows you the most popular social networking apps for smartphone users.

Facebook lite, Zalo and Line are the top 3 of the most downloaded apps for smartphones.

Facebook lite

Download Facebook Lite to explore new things, connect with friends easily, update news and status for free. You can download Facebook Lite with a small size and compatible with low-configuration smartphones but it still works perfectly even in poor network connection. Facebook Lite free app has been the most downloaded app in store with good feedbacks, it will make users satisfied.



Zalo is also a popular app with trust from users. Zalo is a wonderful app with smart functions to connect people by phone number and nearby friends. Zalo also provides good quality phone calls and plenty of icons and stickers. With Zalo, you can connect with friends for free, update status, like or comment on your friends’ posts, just like as Facebook Lite download. Let’s experience!



Line is known as a free messaging app, free calls with unlimited internet data packages, is one of the most common app for smartphone. With Line, you can send and receive messages easily, make domestic and international phone calls. Moreover, Line has many special features such as: save messages, photos, send messages with stickers instantly, follow news and status of your friends’ Timeline.

Are these apps incredible? Download one of these three most popular social networking apps now and enjoy it. Facebook Lite, Zalo and Line are the best choices for smartphone users.

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Do not worried about battery low when using facebook lite

Facebook being  an online social media and social networking where you can chat and share information with people, home and abroad, has an app where you can browse faster, you can Download Facebook Lite for Android, iOS, Blackberry and other smartphone in just  a wink of an eye. This app being  Facebook lite,is designed to use less data, updates quickly in just few seconds.It also helps in easy access to uploading your pictures from your phone without much traffic.


Facebook Lite Runs on Low-end Smartphones And Delivers A Likewise Performance

The app has an elementary design with simpler functionality; however all of the major components are present in the app which embraces Messenger, Groups, Pages and much more. Users can also rely on the full notification support for central Facebook experience.

Using Facebook Lite app will give you a much better and cleaner but somewhat incomplete Facebook experience as it’s a work in progress. The people and pages that you have hidden in the regular Facebook newsfeed, show up again in Facebook Lite and there’s no way to hide them yet. From our testing, Facebook pages didn’t seem to work well either, since the share box only lets you write and not share URLs or images. If you can ignore these small issues, chat and the absence of apps in Facebook Lite for a faster and less messy experience, than there’s no reason to not switch to it.

You can get more information with Facebook lite free for windows phone.

Facebook lite – the best social network application today

Facebook has launched the ultra-compact version Facebook Lite with the smart design that you can download super-fast and save the memory for your devices, use on the low-configuration phones or in the case of the weak network. Facebook lite – the social network application with many perfect features is considered as the best social network that is favorited by many users and is downloaded with a super huge number.


Facebook Lite – the popular social network application with the super-compact configuration that the users can still experience the same features like the version facebook, such as updating the news, connecting with your friends and relatives, talking and discovering the fascinating things. Download Facebook lite – the social network, which is designed for the low-configuration mobile devices and uses in the case of the weak network connection, is the correct choice for anyone who owns a smartphone. Moreover, Facebook Lite is the most popular social network on Play Store.


Discover the unique features of the best social network Facebook lite

  •      Install the application super-fast with just 1MB and use freely
  •      Support for the low-configuration devices
  •      Use the app in the case of the weak networks, the unstable network connection
  •      Save the memory and the network data
  •      Create the closed groups on facebook, ensure the personal privacy
  •      Create the chat groups and leave the groups easily
  •      Search and make friends easily by sending your invitations
  •      Format the multiple languages around the world
  •      Take messages to your friends without using the messenger


Only with the features as mentioned above, you can see the class of this app, right? And there are many other unique capabilities are only discovered when using. Download Facebook Lite quickly to express your personal class through each conversation with the best social network application today.

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The synthesis of top three social networks that are the most trusted

Refer the top three social network applications that are the most reliable and are used by many users to choose the best and the most suitable app for your smartphones. With Facebook lite, Instagram and Zalo, you will experience one of the most popular and utility social network applications. Find out the new features of these three smart social networks to have more information, and to receive the best preferences for your style mobile phones.


When using Facebook lite, Instagram and Zalo, you will sure to satisfy with the unique features that they bring. Let’s quickly install to explore the new things.

The synthesis of top three social networks that are the most trusted: Facebook lite, Instagram and Zalo

  1. Facebook lite

Install Facebook lite quickly to connect with your friends around the world, search and create the contacts easily and quickly, and it is the social network application with many unique features that are favorited by many users today. Download Facebook lite discovers the utility social network that supports for connecting to chat with your friends super-fast, creating the chat groups and accessing the latest social news in the fastest way. It is the compact application that saves the memory and the network data in the most optimal way in order to satisfy the users. It is downloaded with a super huge number, and creates the best reliability for the users today.


  1. Instagram

Instagram is a simple way to share every moment in your life, connect and chat with your friends, follow the famous people right on the app with just one touch. Download Instagram signs in with the security information to create an Instagram account, make friends with everyone in the world to follow the beautiful photos of everybody comfortably. Support for the multimedia message, the group chats and updating the personal status, surfing the newsfeed to follow your friends easily and freely. So that Instagram becomes one of three most reliable social network applications today.

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  1. Zalo

With Zalo, you can connect the love in every voice call. It is the popular messaging application with the smart design and supports many features that are favorited and trusted by many users. Download Zalo owns the application and uses anytime. If you have a network connection, just looking for your friends with the personal phone numbers or searching around to connect with your friends in the fastest way, create the conversation, take messages and chat easily. Besides, Zalo also supports the diversity repository of the stickers with many cute stickers that express the emotions quickly and efficiently.


Do you find out the excellence of these three social network applications? Do not hesitate any longer, install one of these three applications quickly to experience. You will sure not to disappoint.

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Save the memory and the network data with the social network Facebook lite

If the version Facebook is a perfect application, the appearance of Facebook lite is more completely than the version Facebook. Download Facebook Lite – the social network application uses less data and works in all network conditions, which the previous version Facebook can not do. Facebook lite downloads super-fast, saves the memory for the mobile devices, operates in all conditions and saves the network data more than other applications. Let’s explore!


Save the memory and the network data with the social network Facebook lite

Facebook Lite was launched to meet the needs of most social network users, with a simple and user-friendly interface, and many outstanding features, Facebook lite surely gives you an interesting and new feeling. With Facebook lite, you will discover the social network application in which you can save the mobile memory, use less network data and still be able to use the same features as the normal version Facebook.


Quickly Download Facebook lite to connect with your friends, create the contacts and take message, create the chat groups and update the social news easily and freely. You can download just 1MB quickly, which uses less memory, and uses for all network conditions without the additional costs. Facebook lite can download fast, use quickly and operate in all conditions. Let’s experience!

Facebook Lite, which owns a huge repository of information, is the world’s leading social network application with the super-smart design and many professional features. This app will bring the fun, and you can take messages, chat, express your feelings or share with your friends comfortably. To upload the latest news regularly, just install the software Facebook Lite on your mobile devices, and you will have the whole world at your fingertips.


Do not hesitate any longer, make the simple syntax Download facebook lite quickly to experience. You will surely satisfy right the first use.

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Sharing 2 social networking apps that have the most searches

Facebook lite and Whatsapp are two popular social networking apps because of their convenience to text, connect with friends, as well as easily update social news. They are widely popular among young people and have received plenty of searches and downloads on Play Store. Quickly install two best social networking apps in the market to explore interesting things.


Download Facebook lite and Whatsapp, two most developed social networking apps with a lot of special features to connect and bring people closer. However, each app has its own unique features that make it successful.

Facebook lite – a compact app with plenty of functions

Facebook Lite has been the most popular social network nowadays with compact design less than 1MB. You can download it to save capacity, use in poor quality network conditions, save data and still be able to use the same features like Facebook . You can connect with friends, chat, group chat, and update news, change personal information and follow friends easily for free.


Send multimedia messages with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is widely loved by many young people because of its outstanding features. Download Whatsapp to create group chat, voice call, send multimedia messages such as documents, images, audio or videos, recorded files directly to your friends. With Whatsapp, you can access to a smart social network, update status, chat with friends and relatives with many outstanding and convenient features. Let’s discover new things with Whatapp.


Let’s install one of these 2 social networking apps on your device, surely that you will be satisfied. Connecting with friends, creating conversations and updating news from the two giant social networks with the most number of searching nowadays.

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Discover top 3 most common social networking apps

Whatsapp, Facebook lite and Zalo are considered the smartest and best rated social networking applications on Play Store with ultrafast messaging speed. They have got the trust and love of users worldwide and become the most popular social networking apps.

With completely new features, Whatsapp, Facebook lite and Zalo are always the first choices of users. Read this article: “Discover top 3 most common social networking apps” to have wonderful experience

Discover top 3 most common social networking apps: Whatsapp, Facebook lite and Zalo.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a popular social networking app that supports messaging, group chatting and updating status easily. It hs been rated as the most popular social network nowadays. Download Whatsapp to send and receive messages instantly, group chat with a lot of friends, update status and make phone calls easily and free. Let’s download and experience.


2. Facebook lite

Facebook lite is the most popular social network which is designed for most low-configuration phones. It is a compact application, easy to download and use. Using Facebook lite, you can contact and connect with friends, chat or update the latest news in the app. You can also send text messages and group chat without using Messenger easily.


3. Zalo

Download Zalo on mobile devices to discover new things, experience high-quality voice calls and high-speed messaging services. It is considered the most popular social network nowadays. Download Zalo to connect with friends by phone number or search around to create a private conversation. It also supports plenty of icons to express feelings with cute stickers. Let’s explore!


Let’s experience one of these three common social networking apps to have a great time. With the outstanding features, Whatsapp, facebook lite and Zalo will not disappoint you.

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Exploring Facebook lite – the #1 social network app nowadays

Facebook lite is known as the leading social networking app with numerous downloads. Facebook Lite, which is a new short version which is launched by Facebook, provides a low configuration for all mobile and is suitable for poor network conditions. For that reason, Facebook Lite has been ranked No. 1 on the app store.


With Facebook Lite, you can experience a never seen before app. Facebook Lite is a complete version in comparison to Facebook. Facebook Lite uses less data and can be used in all network condition which is impossible on Facebook. Users will be satisfied with Facebook Lite because of its wonderful features, lovely and friendly background.


List of outstanding features from Facebook Lite

  • Update news of your friends easily and immediately.
  • Support sending and receiving messages instantly and free.
  • Group chat, chat to multiple friends without any distraction.
  • Send notification when your friends like and comment on your posts.
  • Easy to sharing information, status, feelings and photo
  • Quick installation and storage saving.


There are many unique features that only can be explored when you use it. Download Facebook Lite and explore it. Experience the number one social networking app and you will be satisfied from the very first time.

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Establish a closed group on Facebook lite easily with many ultilities

From before to now, Facebook lite is always the application  loved and trusted by numerous users with high security. Especially, it is not completely complex to create closed groups but entirely free with salient features such as  connecting with friends, making contacts and creating groups with just one touch. Download Facebook Lite to discover and use the best deal that facebook lite brings.  Surely you will be satisfied soon!


Using Facebook lite to create closed groups with the optimal security

Coming to Facebook lite, you will be satisfied with experiencing a salient social networking application, connect with friends, chat group, the best entertainment besides you can also create their own closed groups on the application for work or active security team who do not want publicity. Just logggin in and clicking on the Facebook lite category, naming the group and tagging names to the group of  friends is able to post or message on the group and friends. One special thing is that you just watch all information in group if you are in group.


Not only creating closed groups, but also updating your personal information easily, messaging to connect with friends and loved ones. With Facebook lite, you can send message high speed with a rich repository of lovely icons. Let download and use to save memory, minimize the use of network data.


What a great application with many other unique features, which you cannot discover all if you do not use, right ? Do not hesitate any longer, download quickly Facebook Lite on your computer to use, make sure you will be extremely pleased to use this perfect application.

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Top 3 social networking apps in 2016

The social network is one of the most effective application in connecting people by supporting your conversations. Together with the social network is a combination of excellent software, a combination of many new and modern apps. Access to the “Top 3 social networking apps in 2016” to choose the most appropriate app for yourself.

With these three social networking apps: Facebook lite smart, Zalo and Whatsapp, you will be completely satisfied with the useful features. Connecting with friends, sending and receiving messages for free.

Top 3 social networking apps in 2016: Facebook lite, Zalo and Whatsapp

Facebook lite

Facebook is a hit social network with smart design that supports low-configuration phone, operating smoothly in poor network conditions. Downloading this app is super fast, it saves memory and data when using. After downloading Facebook Lite, you will be comfortable to search and connect with friends, send and receive messages instantly, create group chat and update latest social news for free. Let’s explore this app!



Zalo is a smart social network that is loved by numerous users. It helps you connect and look for friends with phone numbers or search around easily for free. Download Zalo to connect and send loving messages to your friends and family with just one touch. It provides you high-quality voice call, variety of emoticons and stickers that no other app can compare.



With Whatsapp, you can send and receive messages for free. The app uses the internet to support texting, calling, update status easily with just one touch. After downloading Whatsapp, you can send messages, make phone calls online or offline and explore many exciting things.


Let’s explore these three social networking apps that are the most popular.

Install one of these three apps and you will be completely satisfied.

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