Facebook Lite and Instagram are the most popular and hottest application, attracting a lot of users around the world today. It is a public social network with fast connection and it is easy to update news. Facebook Lite and Instagram are the most popular applications without none of application is.

They are the similar applications but each application has distinctive features and utilities that you can refer many information from this post “EXPLORE THE UTILITY OF FACEBOOK LITE AND INSTAGRAM”. You will be completely convinced with the features and utilities that they bring. Let’s explore right now!

Download Facebook Lite right now to explore many new utilities


Facebook Lite – the popular social network in the market today. It is an extremely compact configuration application attracting a lot of users with the numerous number of downloads. Facebook Lite launched the new version supporting to almost of mobile phones and internet connect condition. Find out these utilities with Facebook Lite by downloading this application for your mobile phone:

  • Compact design, only 1 MB which helps to download quickly
  • Support all operating system, especially for low-end configuration mobile devices.
  • Access to Facebook smoothly even when 2G, 3G or bad internet connect condition
  • Using like the original Facebook version such as Update news, share status
  • asy to create chat group, closed-group
  • Chat with friends directly without using Messenger

Connect to friends, update news with Instagram

unnamed (1)

With Instagram, you can experience a favored and useful social network application with smart design that brings to you many great moments.  You not only update the latest news from friends, famous people but also capture the best beautiful photos and share them on social network. Let’s explore the utilities of Instagram:

  • Compact design, much less capacity
  • Easy to make friends or follow famous people
  • Support for searching people feature and follow everything based on accounts and photos that they liked
  • Edit photos and videos by free filter
  • Share edited photos on social network
  • Support mid-range mobile phone
  • Support edit photo tool

With the utilities as above, Facebook Lite and Instagram are one of the greatest application, yes or no? Let’s install one of these applications to explore many utilities!

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