Facebook lite updates stunning interface version

Facebook lite – the social network software, is very popular with people. The application is suitable for low configuration phones having small capacity. By this application, you may chat online and connect stably to your friend on Facebook. Although this version just runs on low configuration phones and connects network quickly but Facebook lite responds all user requests such as: sharing information, images, chatting, calling or getting notifications…. If you have a limited capacity phone keeping connection badly, let download Facebook lite to immerse in experiencing the largest social network.


Facebook lite help users perform diversified activities as: chatting, comments, likes, editing arcticles, sharing photos, states…. Because of the advantage of being compact, Facebook lite is for mid configuration phones having medium RAM. That is why you have much efficient experience. The application is free for downloading, produced and streamlined many features.


Main features of Facebook lite:

– Installs fast – the app is smaller, so it’s quick to download and uses less storage space.

– Work on old Android phones – you may experience Facebook more smoothly and quickly.

– Use less data – faster by phone data.

– Save charges by using less data.

– Download quickly – this is our best application helping you load photos more efficiently and see people’s settings.

– Work well on phones having slow or unstable internet connections.

unnamed (1)

Download Facebook lite – compact foundation, for your phone to experience smoothly accessing and surfing Facebook. Surely Facebook lite make you comfortable and free to share every moment in your life wherever you are.

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