Facebook lite attracts uses because of interesting features

Are you using a smartphone with mid – level of technology without big touch screen but  you like high – speed internet access very much? Do not hesitate to download Facebook lite, access Facebook quickly and save a lot of data. This application permits you to work in all network conditions. This miniature version is no more than 1 Mb in size so you may use securely and save quite lots of internet charges. Download Facebook lite free


With Facebook lite, you may easily share photos and feeling, comment and like friends’ photos. Application permits you to chat online without downloading Messanger. Facebook lite has an extremely interesting feature that less people know that you can make video by yourself to commemorate or “On this day” application reminds you beautiful memories. You may review and share them for your friends any event.


Features of Facebook lite:

  • Experience uses less data.
  • Suitable for slow internet connection.
  • Efficient access speed.
  • Work well and suitable for mobile data packages.
  • Get notifications when your friends send a message.
  • Update status, photos and share.
  • Install to experience totally free.


Download social network application miniature Facebook lite for your mobile phone to access and use facebook smoothly. Experience this application, you may share moments in your life freely wherever you are.

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