Download Facebook Lite – Surf Facebook quickly, easily

Downloading Facebook Lite  is a perfect choice, Facebook was built with standard and optimized in order that low configuration smartphone can adapt to bring smooth experience. This application work strongly even in unstable internet connections and 2G network. Facebook Lite let us freely edit information, images or articles, update status, check in location when travelling, chat with friends…


Having Facebook Lite help you share photos, status and comment, like people’s photos comfortably. The application also permits users to chat online with friends, relatives without downloading Messenger application. Other special feature is that Facebook Lite can make memory videos. “On this day” application will remind you memories about friends, family. This video is updated, established and made by Facebook from your photo updates. It is so interesting, isn’t it?


Facebook Lite’s features on phone:

– Download it free from Google Play.

– Facebook Lite is light, compact and downloaded quickly.

– Set up, edit personal profile, images, personal information.

– Chat with friends, relatives in Group.

– Add friends into your list by sending friend request.

– Interface is designed economically, easily to use and friendly.

– Support low configuration phones, small capacity.

– Access to the biggest social network in 2G network or bad internet connections.


Let try downloading Facebook Lite application for your phone to enjoy Facebook faster and more pleasant right now. It is sure you will be surprised and interested in Facebook Lite. Don not miss this miniature social network application, it will bring you comfortable using Facebook times. Once you experience on your phone, you will be attracted.

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