Facebook lite makes group usefully and quickly

Facebook lite is known as new version made by Facebook with compact simple design, small application designed for low configuration devices and bad network conditions. Download Facebook Lite to make group of friends not limited the number of people, have efficient intervals.


Use Facebook lite to create chat group fast and usefully, receive application’s special advantage.

With Facebook lite, you will experience useful application with fast speed of updating newfeed, free send messages and easily create chat group of friends, relatives or colleagues. Set up a chat group easily without using Messenger application as Facebook asks.

Facebook lite is an application of talking, quickly connecting friends which young people love, a new version with extremely low capacity and running mode that agrees with all low configuration devices. Downloading Facebook Lite for your phone is synonymous with owning world’s top social network application with smart designs and professional features. By Facebook lite, you may make video call, quickly send messages, chat in groups, send messages to many people at the same time, share and update states as well as news everywhere and everytime.


You may create any chat group as chat group of friend or family or colleague… to have free and interesting conversations. Easily create chat group without unlimited the number of groups, fast and easily send public messages in the group of image, video or files. With secret groups, you may create conversations, join in comments or contribute to group for better.

There are many other features you just discover all when using the application. Quickly download Facebook lite to experience interesting things. Don’t forget to share this famous social network application with your friends. Surely, you will love it at the first use.

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