Top 3 social networking apps in 2016

The social network is one of the most effective application in connecting people by supporting your conversations. Together with the social network is a combination of excellent software, a combination of many new and modern apps. Access to the “Top 3 social networking apps in 2016” to choose the most appropriate app for yourself.

With these three social networking apps: Facebook lite smart, Zalo and Whatsapp, you will be completely satisfied with the useful features. Connecting with friends, sending and receiving messages for free.

Top 3 social networking apps in 2016: Facebook lite, Zalo and Whatsapp

Facebook lite

Facebook is a hit social network with smart design that supports low-configuration phone, operating smoothly in poor network conditions. Downloading this app is super fast, it saves memory and data when using. After downloading Facebook Lite, you will be comfortable to search and connect with friends, send and receive messages instantly, create group chat and update latest social news for free. Let’s explore this app!



Zalo is a smart social network that is loved by numerous users. It helps you connect and look for friends with phone numbers or search around easily for free. Download Zalo to connect and send loving messages to your friends and family with just one touch. It provides you high-quality voice call, variety of emoticons and stickers that no other app can compare.



With Whatsapp, you can send and receive messages for free. The app uses the internet to support texting, calling, update status easily with just one touch. After downloading Whatsapp, you can send messages, make phone calls online or offline and explore many exciting things.


Let’s explore these three social networking apps that are the most popular.

Install one of these three apps and you will be completely satisfied.

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