Exploring Facebook lite – the #1 social network app nowadays

Facebook lite is known as the leading social networking app with numerous downloads. Facebook Lite, which is a new short version which is launched by Facebook, provides a low configuration for all mobile and is suitable for poor network conditions. For that reason, Facebook Lite has been ranked No. 1 on the app store.


With Facebook Lite, you can experience a never seen before app. Facebook Lite is a complete version in comparison to Facebook. Facebook Lite uses less data and can be used in all network condition which is impossible on Facebook. Users will be satisfied with Facebook Lite because of its wonderful features, lovely and friendly background.


List of outstanding features from Facebook Lite

  • Update news of your friends easily and immediately.
  • Support sending and receiving messages instantly and free.
  • Group chat, chat to multiple friends without any distraction.
  • Send notification when your friends like and comment on your posts.
  • Easy to sharing information, status, feelings and photo
  • Quick installation and storage saving.


There are many unique features that only can be explored when you use it. Download Facebook Lite and explore it. Experience the number one social networking app and you will be satisfied from the very first time.

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