Sharing 2 social networking apps that have the most searches

Facebook lite and Whatsapp are two popular social networking apps because of their convenience to text, connect with friends, as well as easily update social news. They are widely popular among young people and have received plenty of searches and downloads on Play Store. Quickly install two best social networking apps in the market to explore interesting things.


Download Facebook lite and Whatsapp, two most developed social networking apps with a lot of special features to connect and bring people closer. However, each app has its own unique features that make it successful.

Facebook lite – a compact app with plenty of functions

Facebook Lite has been the most popular social network nowadays with compact design less than 1MB. You can download it to save capacity, use in poor quality network conditions, save data and still be able to use the same features like Facebook . You can connect with friends, chat, group chat, and update news, change personal information and follow friends easily for free.


Send multimedia messages with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is widely loved by many young people because of its outstanding features. Download Whatsapp to create group chat, voice call, send multimedia messages such as documents, images, audio or videos, recorded files directly to your friends. With Whatsapp, you can access to a smart social network, update status, chat with friends and relatives with many outstanding and convenient features. Let’s discover new things with Whatapp.


Let’s install one of these 2 social networking apps on your device, surely that you will be satisfied. Connecting with friends, creating conversations and updating news from the two giant social networks with the most number of searching nowadays.

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