Do not worried about battery low when using facebook lite

Facebook being  an online social media and social networking where you can chat and share information with people, home and abroad, has an app where you can browse faster, you can Download Facebook Lite for Android, iOS, Blackberry and other smartphone in just  a wink of an eye. This app being  Facebook lite,is designed to use less data, updates quickly in just few seconds.It also helps in easy access to uploading your pictures from your phone without much traffic.


Facebook Lite Runs on Low-end Smartphones And Delivers A Likewise Performance

The app has an elementary design with simpler functionality; however all of the major components are present in the app which embraces Messenger, Groups, Pages and much more. Users can also rely on the full notification support for central Facebook experience.

Using Facebook Lite app will give you a much better and cleaner but somewhat incomplete Facebook experience as it’s a work in progress. The people and pages that you have hidden in the regular Facebook newsfeed, show up again in Facebook Lite and there’s no way to hide them yet. From our testing, Facebook pages didn’t seem to work well either, since the share box only lets you write and not share URLs or images. If you can ignore these small issues, chat and the absence of apps in Facebook Lite for a faster and less messy experience, than there’s no reason to not switch to it.

You can get more information with Facebook lite free for windows phone.


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