Top 3 most downloaded social network apps

Social networks have become essential apps with smart phone users with a lot of benefits in communicating with friends and family, calling and texting without any extra fee. There are many social network apps but not all of them are good and popular. The article “Top 3 popular social network apps” will shows you the most popular social networking apps for smartphone users.

Facebook lite, Zalo and Line are the top 3 of the most downloaded apps for smartphones.

Facebook lite

Download Facebook Lite to explore new things, connect with friends easily, update news and status for free. You can download Facebook Lite with a small size and compatible with low-configuration smartphones but it still works perfectly even in poor network connection. Facebook Lite free app has been the most downloaded app in store with good feedbacks, it will make users satisfied.



Zalo is also a popular app with trust from users. Zalo is a wonderful app with smart functions to connect people by phone number and nearby friends. Zalo also provides good quality phone calls and plenty of icons and stickers. With Zalo, you can connect with friends for free, update status, like or comment on your friends’ posts, just like as Facebook Lite download. Let’s experience!



Line is known as a free messaging app, free calls with unlimited internet data packages, is one of the most common app for smartphone. With Line, you can send and receive messages easily, make domestic and international phone calls. Moreover, Line has many special features such as: save messages, photos, send messages with stickers instantly, follow news and status of your friends’ Timeline.

Are these apps incredible? Download one of these three most popular social networking apps now and enjoy it. Facebook Lite, Zalo and Line are the best choices for smartphone users.

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